Tuesday, August 14, 2007

BBQ chicken and sweet potatoes

I have made pulled BBQ chicken in the crockpot before. But while surfing The Nest's What's Cooking Message Board, I learned that there is a different way to do it without a crockpot. And since I hate my crockpot, I was excited to learn all about it. The always brilliant Jen of Jen's Culinary Adventures told me how you can boil the chicken in broth and then go from there. I thought it sounded like a great idea so I decided to give it a whirl. Here is what I did, per Jen's instructions, and a little help from another nestie, Mollie.

I had some chicken pieces from a whole chicken. So I took a breast, thigh and leg, all with the bone in a skin on. I took the skin off and boiled them with the bones still in, in a combo of chicken and vegetable broth until they chicken was cooked through. I removed the chicken from the pot, drained the broth from the pot, and took the meat off the bones. I added the meat back to the pot and shredded it with 2 forks. Then, I added enough barbecue sauce to coat all the meat. I have, until now, not found my favorite barbecue sauce. I am limited as to which brands I can buy, since we keep kosher. So I tried Hunt's Hickory Smoke sauce and it was awesome! It's my new fave. Although I am still dying to try Sweet Baby Ray's at some point in my life. Anyway,I just heated the sauce and chicken up and served on hamburger buns.

Tonight was also a first for me. I have eaten and loved sweet potatoes my entire life. but I have only ever had them baked or mashed. And I hardly ever make them at home. But I have been hearing so much about oven roasted sweet potatoes that I just had to try them, so I picked up some sweet taters at the store today. I discovered that cubing a sweet potato is a lot harder than cubing a yukon gold. I almost really hurt myself! Until a fellow nestie told me that popping it in the microwave might help soften it up. It did the trick and we had delicious roasted sweet potatoes with our barbecue chicken.

Unfortunately, I was not able to get a good picture of dinner tonight. I realize that a food blog post without a picture can be a little disappointing, but trust me, the pictures I got would not have made much of a difference :-)

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  1. I have a bottle of BBQ sauce in the cupboard right now that we haven't used yet...this is a great way to make shredded BBQ. I hate our crockpot too! :o)