Saturday, October 27, 2007

Soup from a box can be good!

Admittedly, this is not the most healthy "recipe" It's high in sodium and full of stuff I usually try to avoid. So why would I be posting about it??? Because it's yummy! That's why! And it's so easy. Convenience meals are not something that are served in this house very often, but this is one that we have once every fews months and we love it. I'm not going to bother to post the "recipe" since it's really just directions from the back of the box. I'd be willing to bet that anyone could find a box of this stuff in the kosher aisle of their local grocery store. Give it a try sometime! Its yummy! And it is a traditional Jewish food, and since I don't have many of those types of food (shame on me!), I thought I'd take this opportunity to post something traditionally Jewish.

(pardon the ugly broken blinds in the background of the picture with the box. my dog likes to stick his head in them and mangle them.)


  1. I love my cup soup too even though I am not quite sure whats in it but who cares? Its ready in 3 minutes and its so comforting:-)
    X Matin

  2. until recently, i used the box mix too and then i finally gave in to the calling to make REAL matzoh balls. they came better than any matzoh ball i've ever made...and almost as easy as the mix. recipe in my blog!

  3. I buy the matza ball mix without the soup in it. You get more matza balls, and that's the good part! All the "bad" stuff is in the soup mix and everyone can boil a chicken, right? I've never had any luck making them from scratch, but I guess I'll try again one day.